Adoptees and their Sense of Self – “Where do I fit in?”

Adopted children and adults have as sense of vulnerability that many in the non-adopted world do not have. This vulnerability comes from being removed from their biological family and then not being fully anchored in a family. This type of vulnerability is different than the type that allows a person to be open and share... Continue Reading →

Adoptee Connect and Why Adoptees NEED Community

This blog post is dedicated to Adoptee Connect with a heart full of gratitude.  In September of 2018, a group of 5 people sat around a table.  You could feel the nervous energy.  This was the first official meeting of the Las Vegas Adoptee Connect Support group.  I knew this was the start of something important.... Continue Reading →

Change is Hard for Many Adoptees

In the Rocky 4 movie, Rocky has a memorable quote after he has finally beaten the Russian boxer Ivan Drago. Rocky is bloody, sweaty and exhausted, then he says to the Russian audience, "If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change...." This quote is important. Not just because it comes from a... Continue Reading →

11-09 ~ My Birthday is on World Adoption Day. (adoptee challenge below!)

53 years ago today, at 6:35 am in Henderson, Nevada, I was born.  Today is my birthday. For 51 years of my life, on my birthday, I would have a personal dialogue in my mind.  It went something like this:  "Today is the day.  My birthday! I know she (my birth mother) is wondering and... Continue Reading →

Adoptees are Super Heroes and SHEroes

I am a person who loves Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and all super power, good vs evil type movies.  I grew up watching the ORIGINAL Bat Man series (ka-boom, slam, wap...etc) and I love superhero metaphors in my therapy practice. Superhero Therapy is the BEST!  In 2017, I found my biological family and my how-I-came-to-be... Continue Reading →

Adoptees: To Trust or Not to Trust? That is the Question

If an adoptee trusts you, really trusts you, consider yourself the exception to the rule. For myself, and many other adoptees, trust does not come easily, or it is given so quickly that trust turns into betrayal. It may seem as though this sentence contradicts itself, but it is so true. Adoptees have been betrayed... Continue Reading →

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