Tall Walls and the Effort of Letting Go

The Great Wall of China extends for 5,500 miles.  It took 200 years to complete.  It 2300 +/- years old.  It is 20-25 feet tall.  That certainly is a lot of wall!! I would say that my wall of emotional protection rivals the Great Wall of China. For some, being adopted creates an ongoing fear of... Continue Reading →

Original Birth Certificates…..I don’t have one.

Here I am with my 1st Beagle Sophie.  This was an ad that was created in 2004 for an organization I was affiliated with, Nevada Open.  We were, well, still are, a small band of adoptees born in Nevada that had hoped to change the law to allow adult adoptees access to their original birth... Continue Reading →

I am adopted. And it is complicated.

My adopted relationship status - "It's complicated." Imagine.  You spend 9 months within a warm and safe place.  Then, suddenly, you are made to leave, then removed from the very essence of what you have come to know for your entire existence, possibly never to feel that essence again.   This is adoption. I have spent... Continue Reading →

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