Attachment Injury and Adoptees

As a clinician working with children in foster care, I have seen children placed, removed, moved, placed, removed,  moved placed, removed in foster homes over and over again. Often, this causes the child to retreat within themselves, losing trust in the system and in adults...and in themselves. I call these incidents of interruption Attachment Injuries. ... Continue Reading →

What is National Adoption Awareness Month?

Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. While all adoption-related issues are important, the particular focus of the month is the adoption of children in foster care. (Full disclosure, I am a therapist who works with children in foster care - it is my passion) But, it has gotten away from the... Continue Reading →

TBRI and the Adopted Adult

This past week, I spent 5 days in Fort Worth, TX becoming a Trust Based Relationship Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner. This blog post is the story of how I came to know that TBRI is the key to the work I am so passionate about with children from hard places. (adopted, foster, abused, get the... Continue Reading →

Grief – Adoptees On Podcast Interview

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Haley Radke with the Adoptees On podcast recently and my 1st episode in a 2 part series on Grief airs today. You can listen here: // As always, I hope for and welcome your feedback. And, stay tuned! In 2 weeks, part II of our conversation will... Continue Reading →

“I Have Always Known I Was Adopted….”

I have been paying attention to adoptees a lot lately. How they speak. How they look when they speak. What their hands are doing when they are speaking. How they relate to their own story. Where they over explain or under explain. How much they yearn for and how much they wish they could forget.... Continue Reading →

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