Dear Pregnant Mother Considering Adoption- guest Blogger Kristin Jones

Today we welcome Kristin Jones, CMHC of Tradewinds Counseling as a guest blogger. She has written a powerful letter to women considering adoption. Dear pregnant mother considering adoption- If you are thinking about adoption as an option, you are most likely experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to be faced... Continue Reading →

Adoptees and their Sense of Self – “Where do I fit in?”

Adopted children and adults have as sense of vulnerability that many in the non-adopted world do not have. This vulnerability comes from being removed from their biological family and then not being fully anchored in a family. This type of vulnerability is different than the type that allows a person to be open and share... Continue Reading →

Adoptee Connect and Why Adoptees NEED Community

This blog post is dedicated to Adoptee Connect with a heart full of gratitude.  In September of 2018, a group of 5 people sat around a table.  You could feel the nervous energy.  This was the first official meeting of the Las Vegas Adoptee Connect Support group.  I knew this was the start of something important.... Continue Reading →

Change is Hard for Many Adoptees

In the Rocky 4 movie, Rocky has a memorable quote after he has finally beaten the Russian boxer Ivan Drago. Rocky is bloody, sweaty and exhausted, then he says to the Russian audience, "If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change...." This quote is important. Not just because it comes from a... Continue Reading →

11-09 ~ My Birthday is on World Adoption Day. (adoptee challenge below!)

53 years ago today, at 6:35 am in Henderson, Nevada, I was born.  Today is my birthday. For 51 years of my life, on my birthday, I would have a personal dialogue in my mind.  It went something like this:  "Today is the day.  My birthday! I know she (my birth mother) is wondering and... Continue Reading →

Adoptees are Super Heroes and SHEroes

I am a person who loves Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and all super power, good vs evil type movies.  I grew up watching the ORIGINAL Bat Man series (ka-boom, slam, wap...etc) and I love superhero metaphors in my therapy practice. Superhero Therapy is the BEST!  In 2017, I found my biological family and my how-I-came-to-be... Continue Reading →

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