My American DNA Trading Card


I logged on to work on my Family Tree on Ancestry and Family Search this morning before getting ready for Church   I was greeted by the DNA page encouraging me to “Make a Trading Card.”  So, I did.   (see it above)

All my life (before the magic of DNA testing) when someone would ask me “What are you?,” I would answer with a made up, yet hoped for, ethnic background.  I would say I was, “Irish, African, Native American and Amish.”

Here is my reasoning behind each one:

Irish – because I LOVE all things Irish.  I love Maeve Binchy books.  I love Irish dance and I love Irish lore.  Ireland is my # 1 dream trip of all time.

African – Africa is the mother land of all nations, so I added it in as I figured it was a good choice.

Native American – I have a fascination with Native American History, Art and they are the First People of this Nation, so I had hoped I would have a bit of them in me.

Amish – I have no idea.  I think when I started saying this, I had just seen that movie with Harrison Ford and he was hiding with the Amish people.  Truly, no rhyme or reason for this choice.

Imagine my DELIGHT when I finally DID get my DNA results and there was PROOF of my Irish-ness!! 16% of my is truly IRISH.  (I am not ignoring Wales or Scotland, just focusing on IRELAND)

I think DNA testing is a miracle.  I think it is a HUGE game changer for Adopted people to find their roots, health history and biological families.

AND, just to plug, they have a sale on their DNA kits this month.  $30 off.

Everyone should take one.  Just maybe, if you are lucky, you might be Irish.   LIKE ME!


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  1. When I was young I didn’t even know the names of my parents. DNA has helped me learn a tremendous amount about where my ancestors came from and given me a chance to meet many of my relatives. It’s been a very positive experience.

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