You’ve Got a DNA Match!

I purchased an DNA Kit in the summer of 2016.  I found it on Groupon for $59 and thought, “why not.”  I had it in my bedroom for a long time, staring at me, waiting for me to muster the courage, and the saliva, to send it in for DNA testing.

I finally registered my test, and sat down to fill the little vile with my DNA carrying saliva.  I am not sure why this took me so long to accomplish, but when I finalized my test, I sat and looked at it for a while.  Here was this tube that would tell me my ethnic heritage.  To be honest, I had ZERO expectation of actually FINDING anyone who might be related to me. I had looked for so long and finally had resigned myself to the idea that I would not meet my birth mother until I died and got to heaven.  Honestly, this is how I felt.

Then, one day, I recieved an email that my DNA test was completed and uploaded on the Ancestry site.

My DNA showed that I am 69% Great Britain descent, 16% Irish descent and 6% Western European descent.  Not too shocking.  I had some of that info from my Non Identifying information from Catholic Charities.  Funny thing, I have always said I was Irish.  I just “felt” that way.  And, here it was in black and white, I AM IRISH! Well, at least 16% of me is Irish,.


Then, I clicked on the “DNA Matches” part of my specific DNA Story.   There I found that I had matches!  Not just one or two, but a lot of matches.  I had one listed as “close family,” one as “1st cousin” and several as 2nd, 3rd and 4th and further cousins.

I was SHOCKED.  You mean to tell me, that there are people walking around planet earth that I ACTUALLY am related to by DNA?  Not the 2 that I gave birth to, but OTHERS?  This thought had not dawned on me, but now, it was staring back at me.

My first thought was to close the web page down as this could not truly be happening.

My second thought was to send them a message.  I sat down to write something that would be coherent and not sound like I was some desperate, crazy person.

This was the message I sent:

Hello –

My name is Janet Nordine. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I just completed my Ancestry DNA test and it showed that you and I are related as 2nd cousins.
I completed the DNA test because I am adopted and I am hoping to find people I am related to through DNA testing.
I was born in Henderson, NV (next to Las Vegas) in 1965. I have received my “non-identifying” birth information from Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada.
My birth information is as follows:
My birthmother’s first name is Barbara. She was 28 in 1965 when I was born. She was born in Montana. She had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. At the time of my birth in 1965, she had 5 sons, ages 11,10,8,7 and 3. They were in foster care here in Southern Nevada. At the time, she was 5 ft 4 in tall with brown eyes and brown hair. Her occupation is listed as a nurse’s aide.
My birthfather’s first name is Bill. He was 32 in 1965 when I was born. He was born in Oklahoma. No siblings are listed. He had 2 children in 1965 age 14 and 12, and their genders are not listed. He was 6 ft tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a fair completion. His occupation is listed as a bartender.

If any of this information sounds familiar to you as someone in your family line, I would love to correspond with you and gather as much information as I can to help me find my biological family.

Thank you so much –
Janet Nordine

I sent a total of 7 messages on October 26, 2016.

I finally heard back from one of those 7 on January 27, that they “might” know who Barbara is and that they would get back to me.

Talk about PINS AND NEEDLES!  The wait to hear back seemed like an eternity.

February 1, 2017, I was getting ready to leave work with my colleagues.  I looked at my phone and I had an email from Ancestry saying I had a new message.  I immediately opened that email and gasped!  I had to sit down and read.  When my co-worker asked what was wrong, I handed her my phone.  I could not speak and really, could not breath. She said, “wow, this is your family.”

In the email, I heard from my cousin Steve, he gave me the first and last names of my 5 older brothers.

I was found.


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