The Art of Starting

Starting a blog has been on my mind for a very long time.  My mind’s thinking  has been filled with fears and excitement,  doubt and hope.

Writing is something that has always been part of who I am.  From my youngest years, if I had to say something important, I would write.  I would leave notes.  I would write in journals.  I would even write notes to my cat so she would know I was coming home after school to play with her.  I always wondered if these notes helped her feel secure while I was away.

Starting has been harder for me.  I am a deep thinker, and I am also a ‘over-thinker.’  I have been over-thinking about THIS blog since February 1, 2017.    I am an adopted person.  An adoptee, which is a term used by those who have been adopted to identify themselves in the adoption triad.  (Triad = adoptee, adoptive parents and birth mother / father / family)  triad

The adoption community uses this symbol to represent the triad.

I have spent almost 25 years searching for my birth mother.  I thought of her every day of my life.  Everyday.  Many times a day.  Would she know me if we ever ran into each other on the street?  Would I look like her? Would she think of me on my birthday?

I would never have been able to find my life’s starting story without a simple DNA test from  I never could have imagined that a vile of my saliva would bring me to my roots, my history, my genetic make up and to my birth family.  It truly is a miracle.

My hope is that through this blog, I will be able to share my adoption story.   There are no coincidences ~ #nocoincidences    I have faith in God and know He planned my life’s roadmap; it is up to me to follow, explore and love the life I have been gifted.

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